About the brand

NORRBACK is a brand that creates clothing and accessories for conscious, modern women. The brand was founded 1999 by Camilla Norrback who still today is the driving force of the company. Good ethics, quality and genuine handicraft are the base of NORRBACKS´s timeless design.

In 2011 the brand name changed from camilla norrback to NORRBACK. The new name reflects our new identity that is even more contemporary in both design and image.  We are broadening our concept, not only do we take a stand for a better environment; we take a stand for a better world.

The company philosophy is based around our four core values:

Consciousness. Since 2002 we have been committed to working with organic and environment friendly materials. Today we contribute to the industry’s development of environment friendly materials by not only choosing organic cotton but to explore and introduce new innovative materials, like recycled and low energy fibres to the market.

Integrity. We’re not afraid to take a stand on important social issues and we acknowledge and celebrate others who do the same. We stay true to who we are; to our style and beliefs.

Quality. Our clothes are long lasting, both in terms of quality of the garment and through the timeless design that makes you wear and love a NORRBACK piece many years to come.

Style. We’re not a trend anxious brand. We create style that lasts and we stay true to our design philosophy. NORRBACK unites classic style with modern shapes. Our style is feminine and sensual yet with masculine attributes.

Our concept and style identity

We make modern easy to wear clothes, with something extra. That extra is what makes your NORRBACK piece grow in to your favourite piece of clothing and it makes you feel and look just as good at the office or at a party.

Wearing NORRBACK does not make you become somebody else; instead it highlights and celebrates who You are. A NORRBACK garment is more than just a dress or a jumper and NORRBACK is more than just a fashion brand. Through our clothes you get added value; knowing that it has been justly manufactured with regards to both man and nature.

The style is always feminine and sophisticated. It’s never rough or stiff despite modern shapes and masculine features. Nature is a constant source of inspiration for shapes, materials and pattern.

Original prints and always an intriguing play with colours are significant for the brand. Good ethics, high standard design and genuine handicraft is the basis of NORRBACK’s timeless design.

The designer

The engine and driving force behind the brand NORRBACK is Camilla herself. She was born in 1974 in Jakobstad, Finland. Her interest in fashion emerged early. At the age of 13 she got her first sewing machine and since then she knew that she wanted to spend her life working with fashion. Camilla is a self-taught fashion designer with a past in pattern construction studies and is also formally educated as a millenary.

Camilla is very much involved in all aspects of the company, the brand values are much shaped from Camilla’s passion for people, environment and politics.

“When I started the company I had a clear vision that my values would be the backbone of NORRBACK. In my holistic view of my company I strive towards values that let’s each person be themselves, I want my company to be not excluding but including.”